Here we go

We are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We understand how difficult it is to conceive, build, launch, sustain and/or scale your company. We went through all the phases. Idea per idea, through the typical problems via the atypical successes. We want to help you by sharing our our experiences, tools, platforms and partners.

We focus on conception, financing, building teams and growth. Technical, legal, marketing, regulatory, business development, sales, …

Our setup & offer

We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs in the quest of launching and growing new ventures, or help brands to evolve like startups.

Some people call it startup factories, others, tech studios or venture builders, we just call it enabling entrepreneurship. Unlike incubators and accelerators, we don’t run any program or take applications. We simply identify market opportunities, and with our own resources we partner with founders and execs within our network. Together we define business models and participate in every step of building a new startup, from product development and talent recruitment to fundraising and daily execution.

Our team is a group of founders, investors and execs. We have experience in the domains of starting, growing and selling companies, in strategy consultancy, as a design studio, in big-data business or an app development company. Although we do all of these things, we understand all of this is required to have a chance of making it as an entrepreneur.

We launched January 1, 2018. Our launch services are:
(1) conceptualise the idea, create a framework, develop and test the idea and set-up your company is required
(2) assist to fund-raise capital: from traditional investors to crowdfunding (rewards, equity, ICO) and a vast network of top business angels and VC’s
(3) accelerate growth and prepare for exit